Yomimoland Website – Heavenly Blush Yogurt Brand

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The Yomimoland website design was done when I still worked at Gazelle the Creatives. Yomimoland is the name of Heavenly Blush YO! Yogurt official website. This website is directed to children aged 4 to teenagers and their parents. It features two mascots who usually appear on YO! Yogurt packaging design.
It also serves as an official explanation website about Yomimo Card and the new card game YO! Yogurt hosted. You could click VIEW WEBSITE button on the bottom of this page should you like to check all its features. The design I did was for the home page only.

PT Heavenly Nutrition Indonesia is a food and beverage company, a sister company of the bigger PT Nutrifood Indonesia. Its vision and mission lies on producing healthy food and beverage for Indonesian people.


Yogurt YO!, the kid-targeted product of Heavenly Blush, is made from the combination of fruits and vegetables. To tempt kids to drink more of this nutritious and healthy yogurt without scaring them, Heavenly Blush conceived the idea to create a card game and card collection items. For every YO! Yogurt purchased, kids could get one Yomimo card they could collect and use to play in YOMIMO CARD GAME.

The website Yomimoland is created as the official website for this card game and YO! Yogurt itself.

As it is targeted for little children and teenagers, it must have cheerful, colorful, and cartoon-y themed visual.