La Xiang Restaurant Website Design & Development

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Restaurant website design & development done for La Xiang Restaurant.
My client, La Xiang Restaurant, is a newly opened Sichuan cuisine restaurant based in Food Plaza PIK, North Jakarta. During the four months it opened, sales had been steady. Other than creating their restaurant logo design when they were about to launch their restaurant, I was also given the task to handle their social media marketing strategy, raise brand awareness, and educating target customers about their special dish, Ma La Xiang Guo, which is not very well-known in Indonesia, and has a peculiarly stinging, fragrant, flowery, and spicy taste.

La Xiang Restaurant was established in early 2017, first strictly as food delivery. After some months doing delivery and met with considerable success, Tantiko and Novi Lie, the owners of La Xiang brand, decided to follow market’s many wishes and opened an offline restaurant at Food Plaza PIK, Jakarta.

La Xiang Restaurant sells Ma La Xiang Guo, a Sichuanese dish famous for its use of dried chilies and Sichuan peppercorn, which gives rich flavors from pungent, fragrant, flowery, stinging, spicy, sweet, and salty. La Xiang Restaurant is a strictly halal restaurant, using oil made from beef broth and fresh spices imported directly from Sichuan.


Creating a website concept which include all these objectives:

  • One-page style website: excerpts from all pages must be clickable from the front page.

  • Serves as introduction for both La Xiang Restaurant and Ma La Xiang Guo dish.

  • Explains why La Xiang’s Ma La Xiang Guo dish is the most authentic Sichuanese dish you could find in Jakarta (hint: it lies on the peppercorns).

  • Modern, clean, but still elegant design.