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This key visual design project first came as a pitching when I was still working at Gazelle the Creatives.
BETADINE is world-famous as wound disinfectant, but few knows it also has feminine hygiene product. As the knowledge on how to take care of female's nether region is still scarce in Indonesia, BETADINE intended to create a KEY VISUAL POSTER DESIGN to educate its target market.
At that time it didn't win the pitching, but after I resigned from Gazelle, I heard from the production supervisor that my design was used to brand women toilet's stall doors at the Jakarta Fashion Week event, held in Senayan.

BETADINE in Indonesia is produced and marketed by Mundipharma Company. Data from Indonesia Total Market Audit 2015 stated that BETADINE was reported as the number one antiseptic in Indonesia.


The idea is to educate consumers that keeping the hygiene of female reproduction organ is very important during menstruation, where retrograde menstruation may happen, therefore needing more aftercare than usual.

The task:

  • As it is a feminine hygiene product, feminine tone & manner is a must.

  • In representing the product’s function we had to be careful as it deals with feminine hygiene, and if I wasn’t careful we could get censored. So I chose using metaphors. Red rose petals signify the blood color of menstruation, shaped like a female’s reproductive organ. From ancient times, rose also symbolizes female genitalia.