Michael & Jessica Wedding Invitation Website

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This project came as a fun side-project, request from my former boss's son and his fiancée who wished for a non-conventional, more high-tech, way to invite their guests and ensure their RSVP. We conceived the idea of creating a wedding invitation website with all information of the to-be-wedded couple's bio, the time and place all ready, and an option to Save the Date and RSVP.
I also put a countdown to the actual wedding time, and a reminder for guests who RSVP.
Unfortunately in the end this idea couldn't get through, as many invited guests would be older guests who are not very tech-savvy and the couple finally opted for traditional printed invitation.

My task was to create a website with these objectives:

  • Functioned as a more high-tech substitute of conventional wedding invitation.

  • The website (or microsite since it’s really small scale) must be easy to use, simple, contain only the necessary informations (bride and groom’s bio, time and place, RSVP option, option to have a reminder, and countdown).

  • Modern, simple, yet still sweet and gives off “wedding aura”, which I then suggested could come in the shape of pictures and background images of the couple. The dominant light color, especially white, helped tremendously in creating modern taste.