Greenfields Packaging Pitch Contest

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This project came when I was still working back in Gazelle the Creatives, on 2016. We entered pitching contest to renew Greenfields milk packaging design, as well as creating packaging design concept for Greenfields yogurt, a new product which would be launched in the future.
Even though we didn't end up winning, I had so much fun doing this packaging design concept! Especially since the client did not ask for a particular style, we could play around with a lot of elements, which contributed to the fun.

PT. Greenfields Indonesia was established by a group of Australian and Indonesian entrepreneurs with strong agribusiness expertise and experience. The Company commenced the development of a dairy farm at Desa Babadan, Gunung Kawi, Malang, East Java, an ideal environment for the special dairy cows imported from Australia.

Today, Greenfields farm has a cattle population of over 6,000 head of Holstein cows producing 30 millions litres of fresh milk per year. Besides supplying the domestic market, over 50% of its finished products are sold in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines and other countries in the region.


This project is a pitching contest held by Greenfields Indonesia, to create packaging designs for their two product types:

  • Fresh milk
  • Yogurt

To enter this pitch, all participants must submit three designs:

  • Milk packaging 1L full cream flavor
  • Yogurt cup packaging strawberry flavor
  • Yogurt cup packaging mango flavor

Mandatories for milk packaging:

  • Happy family portrait (I put this on the side)
  • Milk flowing (I put this on the front and goes all the way to the sides and back to emphasize deliciousness and freshness)
  • Cows (I decided the cows would be background image)
  • Green pasture (added farm buildings to emphasize this is Greenfields farm pasturage)
  • Must look fresh

Mandatories for yogurt cup packaging:

  • Yogurt flowing (I put this on the front and goes all the way to the sides and back to emphasize deliciousness)
  • Fruit slices (I put slices of fruits as if falling onto the yogurt stream, while some big slices featured in front to be the “eye-catcher”)
  • Green pasture, cows, and family portrait as background images
  • Must look delicious, as yogurt for most Indonesians is still regarded as “not delicious but healthy food”. I use the elements of yogurt stream and very appetizing-looking fruit slices to achieve this