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Back when I was still working in Gazelle, I was known as "the Cimory guy". Why, you ask?
Apart from the packaging design, everything Cimory marketing tools from necktag, sales kit, booth, to uniform design came to me. I have no complain to make, though, since this is one of my favorite brand and every item I created was very lovingly created.
Cimory at that time was widely known as one of the biggest yogurt brand in Indonesia. This Cimory milk product was about to be launched, and one of their sales tip are the Cimory girls, door-to-door milk sellers who deliver fresh milk from the farm to the proximity area. This sales kit & product knowledge is the most important weapon for the milk sellers to get customers.
PT. Cimory Indonesia is a dairy company with the goal to produce and distributes protein-based food and beverage across Indonesia.
Cimory as of now has three well-known restaurants which are also known as tourist traps, Cimory Mountain View in Cisarua, Bogor; Cimory on the Valley located in Kabupaten Semarang; and Cimory Riverside in Puncak, Bogor.
Cimory’s biggest mission is to increase awareness about the importance of nutrition to attain the best health.

Cimory milk, by then, was a new product about to be launched. As part of Cimory’s vision and mission, Cimory milk was mainly to be sold via milk sellers called Cimory girls. These milk sellers will offer milk delivery at certain period door-to-door, fresh from the Cisarua Dairy Farm, to the houses in the near proximity.

The benefit of this is the milk sold is the freshest possible, and of different packaging from the UHT type sold in supermarkets.

The objectives that must be considered:

  • This sales kit will be the first introduction for potential buyers. As the knowledge of milk and nutrition in Indonesia is considerably low, we must capture their attention by providing education about nutrition, especially the importance of drinking milk for growing children, and why must they drink Cimory fresh milk other than evaporated milk or common UHT.

  • The design must emphasize the good of Cimory fresh milk which will be delivered to your house no more than 3 days after milked from the dairy cows.

  • The design must look fun, refreshing, and colorful, to suit the milk sellers cheerful personality.